Godlike Powers…”

Stories became the natural source information sharing, only because that was the very first method of transporting knowledge. The expression of the spoken word requires an emotional attachment to give it memorizational stickiness. The methods of transmission and utilization have improved exponentially, yet the humaness of this proposition has only been enhanced marginally. 

“…only as strong as the weakest link”

The amount of information diciminated today as “News” is staggering to the average person. It’s taken the older generations by surprise, as they socially evolve out of their ancestral biases toward change. Younger generations face anxiety levels the likes our species has never before encountered, while being more open to the differences their parents are consumed with. 

Information is only as beneficial as the understanding approaching its delivery. We have to filter all that down to a “Story” for human consumption. It’s not like spreading nutrition across society, but more like sharing fitness. There in lie the challenges.

“Where do we go from here…”



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