Lots of discussions with seemingly intelligent people have given me pause to deliberate even further the state of the human condition.

“Paleolithic emotions…”

That statement rings in my mind almost daily, especially when engaging in relevant conversations with these seemingly intellectual types. I apply the same scrutiny to my own perspective, and spend a considerable amount of my consciousness in introspection.

“Emotional Intelligence…”

My wife and I discussed the distinction between the attributes of an argument and a debate. While there are emotional components to the process of debating, the facts and details are the weight of the deliberation for any single objective. Contrast that to an argument, where the facts are secondary to the emotional stance of being recognized as right. Overlay this template to the conversations you both experience and listen to from other sources. Now determine whether you’re arguing or debating an idea, concept, or subject matter.

Opinions only matter to the one providing them…”

The same analogy between an opinion and advice as with argument and debate. The distinction, there again lies within the emotional context. This reoccurring theme rears its emotionally charged head once again. Seemingly unexpressed emotion, seeks an outlet via otherwise rationally suitable behavior. Traveling across different forms of behavior seeking a voice just to acknowledge its presence. Were our Australopithecan ancestors burdened with this same dilemma, or is this singularly distinct to modern man? Anthropologists confirm our capacity to create clothing as an early development in our quest to separate from our rival primates, and the development of expressional behavior such as cave art had to have been fed by some emotional elements. Somewhere in this time stamp the human ego was born, and if so, what is its evolutionary trajectory.

“Separation of heart and mind…”

Sad, mad, glad, hurt, scared, ashamed are the  fundamental emotional building blocks for the human experience. It would appear that the more access to knowledge we humans have, the more anxiety that creates within the individual consciousness. Whenever I contrast the uncertainties facing my children, to the ones I faced at their ages, I do realize the effects of all this enhanced understanding of the creatures we are, and the universe we inhabit. At no point in the process of developing a child to adolescence do we mold their emotional intelligence. I’m guilty of this with my children, and I see parents negotiating with their toddlers all the time. All I need to do is reference the above quotation about opinions to realize, my perspective on this is only important to me…




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