I’m listening to this “Press Conference”, if that’s what you choose to call it, and I’m compelled to speak my mind on all of this. You have the President badgering the group, that is badgering him about the subjects, that the media/press feel will get them the public  engagement to validate their reporting. How can anyone possibly extract enough information from this type of “badgering” to formulate an educated stance? The speed at which the topic/subject gets jerked around by both sides of this charade of an informational exchange, is mind boggling. Is it any wonder over 40% of eligible voters chose not to involve themselves in the voting process?


“The world is an extremely complex situation…”


The underlying issues with the modern world are far deeper than the average person is capable of fully comprehending, or willing to fully deliberate to formulate a sufficient understanding. Misleading comments and commentary are the norm for this type of badgering displays. There are always ideological agendas supporting the various players in this childlike game of “He said, She said”, so taking anything at face value is an effort in futility for determining an understanding.

“Before you express how you feel…validate what you know”

I don’t support either side in this game of slinging bullshit, mostly because I don’t rely on either one to inform me of the story of how complex the human existence is. My only advice to anyone seeking the fuel to support their story building, would be to spend the sufficient amount of time discovering the details, and how they fit into the great puzzle of modern humanity…


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