I’m amazed at the lack of outcry from anyone about what is taking place in Yemen. I’ve seen some coverage from BBC, while here in Hong Kong, but nothing as loud and inflammatory as what’s surrounding that badgering session from yesterday?

Tragedy in Yemen seems to embolden the characteristics of something sympathetic observers should find a way to involve themselves in, yet the general focus of the US media is locked in on the shit show coming from Pennsylvania Ave. Time wrote this piece last year helping to identify certain aspects of what is going on within this impoverished Arab nation, but failed to expound upon the roots for this type of power struggle, and how it maybe tied to the overarching ideological conflict in this region of the world.

“Take a look around…”

I’m not supporting the accuracy of this site and their information, but it does give one a reference point for beginning to identify some of what’s happening out there. Doing a little homework like this for any issue that strikes you in a way, where you feel the need to know more, so you can voice a viewpoint, or possibly offer constructive assistance is an alternative to simply watching the news, and getting pissed off for not getting what you wanted out of a situation…


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