finally back home, reflecting on the experiences while they’re fresh memories. the culture of hong kong was an enlightened discovery. i pause to wonder about the correlation between the density of population, and the personal focus of it’s citizens. there was sternness to the facial expressions i saw around the streets. that’s not to say there wasn’t a smattering of smiles within the crowds, just the prominent expression was a more serious tone. the fact that the average living space in this compact village of 7.4 million folks is so much smaller than more suburban communities offer is a factor in its social face.



lengthy trips such as this one always challenge one’s tolerance capacity. maybe thats why today i reflect focused on compassionate theme’s. these experiences feed the souls hunger for connections and belonging, while refreshing the awareness of the struggles of the human condition. we’ve ascended to the top of the food chain of all life forms on earth, making our only known predator, our lack of understanding of how we all fit into this world. we have to preserve the dream of a better future for everyone by raising that median level of understanding.



“it’s not a matter of what you can do…it’s all a matter of what you will do”




defining our individual roles within the social construct is critical to sustaining our species. the knowing must lift up the unknowing without regards to personal gains or status. it’s not about how much we have, but rather how much we possess within, that we can freely share with others. greed born of the perspective of scarcity scatters the focus to all that have instead all that we are…





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