This relationship we have with the people we empower as political leaders, and those who assume the role of the press has aligned itself with an even larger social isssue. The fundamental divide over moral perspective is behind this pandering to specific ideology by the aforementioned entities. Their efforts to engage the two sides in this emotional battlefield is strategically crafted to maintain a heightened level of anxiety about catostophic possibilities for the future. Those in the media utilize framing techniques to incite their faithful followers into a zombie like digesting of the underlying agenda. Listen to the phrases they apply to the details of the stories they report. Breakdown the sentax by examining the adjectives and adverbs injected into their statements for the purpose of touching a nerve with their audience. Contrast this circumstance to the political side of this emotional equation. Elected officials tend to saturate statements and commentary with excess verbiage to convolute the subject matter in hopes of avoiding the specifics and details of an issue. Facts can lead to accountability to a truth, and thus create pushback from their constituents for being lying self serving bastards. Whenever anyone repeats a statement over and over again within the context of a conversation, you should be suspicious of their facts and/or intentions. Politicians are too stupid to realize this, because their followers don’t hold them to a higher standard, while the media uses subtle repetition over an expanded period of time to achieve the same effect. The answer for the average citizen lies in their resistance to allowing an emotional response to develope, and dissect the details to determine the factual basis for either side. Whenever you find the disconnect in either parties story, call them out and let everyone around you know about the bullshit they’re being fed…



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