“…and the winner is?

House salad with an entree of seared scallops atop a bed of risotto is nearly impossible to fuck up when announcingđŸ™„”

“Mahi mahi covered in citrus crab pile, followed by a ice cream smothered brownie with chopped snickers bar…holy shit was that delicious”

“The drive home from a Saturday fishing event…my buddy lives on the edge of paradise…”

In a world of isolation and discontent, I cast my gaze toward the beauty I find swirling around the blessings of my life. I feel the privileged stares given my white American male status, and I’m not sure what to do about my skin color and gender, given I didn’t ask for that to be my circumstances. I fail to pinpoint the feelings of privilege from the myriad of other feelings I experience. It just seems as though I’m expected to feel shame because I am one of the lucky ones…đŸ˜”



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