What is it that gives us the right to possess expectations? Do other mammals have these emotional demands of their universe? Disappointment is the adverse outcome to unrealized expectations, and whatever satisfaction is either soon forgotten, or even worse, re-enforced in even high future expectations. It’s a vicious fucking cycle I tell you. That’s not to say all expectations are unrealistic or unreasonable, but you have to keep the idea of disappointment in the back of your mind the whole while. 

There’s something very human about wanting to knowingly rely on each other. Maybe that the real definition of comfort, and we emotionally transpose that onto situations outside of the relief we bring one another in our unique human way. Sure there are limits to emotional expectations, but they’re blurry at best, and the entire realm of emotional absolutes is sketchy to say the least. Curtailing disappointment is like an enlightened state of being, every individual has their very own independent struggle. Maybe peace and happiness rests on each of us accepting we can’t all have precisely what best suits us, and allowing those in our lives to disappointment us, without judging them to eternal damnation is the key. I can testify I’ve seen more brightness in life from this perspective. Now, if I can just find some measure of tolerance for all the ignorance around me😎

“love I get so lost, sometimes

days pass and this emptiness fills my heart

when I want to run away

I drive off in my car

but whichever way I go

I come back to the place you are”

~ Peter Gabriel ~

#thinking out loud 


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