belief as to the truth of something:

to give credence to a claim.

something giving a claim to belief or confidence:

letter of credence.

Far too often, we give away this precious screening mechanism for convenience of access to something less than the truth. No more than I expect you to take my words at face value, I suggest we all scrutinize the words of everyone holding any place of authority. It’s our responsibility to uphold the expectations of the citizens of those elected and hired to serve the interests of the people. Don’t agree or disagree with anyone or anything without knowing the basis for which you stand. Be prepared to defend your stance to the question…

“How do you know that…?”

Measure what it is you find as the truth. It’s worthy of the effort to preform your due diligence to your understanding of your reality. The world of today is far more complex than the general comprehension of the average human.

“The Affordable Care Act…Obamacare”

This just came to me this morning as I was listening to a congressman talking with an interviewer on a statewide talk show dedicated to our state’s concerns. It was more background noise until the topic of repeal/replace hit my ears. As they bantered about all the nuances surrounding this hot topic issue, a thought occurred to me. Realizing the underlying issue is wrapped around a system that fails to work off of market circumstances and influence, a solution came to me. If the government is going to subsidize healthcare (and they do) then shouldn’t the allotments of those subsidies be more reflective of a tax table like delineation, rather than a one size fits all? Have you ever examined the scaling of the tax tables  for a personal filing, there are 12 full pages of tables reflecting the taxes associated with every level of taxable income from $0 to $441,000. That precise measuring of income is not an accident by any means, it’s that way to reflect the diversity of incomes across our country. It’s more about effective distribution, than precision allotment though. Isn’t that exactly what is needed in the way healthcare is administered? We have no earthly idea of what healthcare costs, because there is no market for how it is paid for. The majority of the people using the actual healthcare being provided aren’t actually paying for that care. It’s being subsidized via a vehicle that requires the working taxpayers to pay for care they aren’t receiving. More to come on this hot topic as I develop a more refined presentation to share with the idiot’s in Washington D.C. Stay tuned, if you’re so inclined…🙄


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