I’ve been contemplating the title for this post since mid day yesterday. Whenever I see people so overwhelmed by their emotions, that their ability to reason is lost, I can’t help but to imagine the circumstances behind the state of being. Anger is a form of weakness, it’s brought about by allowing ones self to be vulnerable to external influences that you choose to empower.

“Remember…NO ONE can make YOU think, feel, or do ANYTHING that YOU don’t allow them too”

Your response to everything is a decision from within your consciousness, not a naturally occurring phenomenon. Expectations are not an objective reality, they’re just a piece of a subjective story.

“People are naturally attracted to people, who personify a sense of peace and happiness…”

If you’re mad at your life and the world at large, nobody wants to be a part of that. Anyone already connected to you, feels trapped by your misery, whether they can muster the courage to tell you or not. Victims call for sympathy can be excruciatingly uncomfortable for everyone around them.

“Ever considered taking a break from all your anger…?”

Until you gather some type of understanding of how luck actually works, and the fact it has no reversion to a mean, you just might not find an appreciation for the grace of all the good you have in your life. Whenever you believe the universe is somehow persecuting you…you are so fucked, it’s not even funny!

#wake the fuck up


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