Every time before, I’ve opened with a definition for a specific word or phrase I plan on wrapping a story around. I’m guessing that isn’t necessary to make a point. I’ve fired up a new book on my Audible app, so I feel a little inspired to share my thoughts about some stuff.

I’m fascinated with my existence, not from an outcome standpoint, but rather everything surrounding me. The unknown intrigues my curiosity, and stimulates my hunger for gaining a better perspective. It’s how I feel my way through this life.

Happiness is a state of being! That feeling you get in your stomach when you are at your emotional peak, it’s temporary and needs to be periodically refreshed by new and different occurrences. These states of emotional sensation are evolutionary in helping us bond and preserve our species, not wreck our everyday with sorrow and anxiety. This book isn’t about giving a fuck or not, but rather an demonstration of how to focus on what’s relevant and take responsibility for your reality. No one else can ever do that for you, and the sooner you realize this, you also discover that happiness you desperately seek, is just a state of mind.

No one, upon no one is entitled to more happiness than anyone else. The universe is simply not set up to discriminate against or for any particular individual. What happens is that favorable or nonfavorable circumstances arise out of gazillions of possibilities based upon individual decisions made by the 105 billion or so Homo sapiens that have inhabited this planet. Just try to count the number of decisions you make on a single day, from all the choices possible, and hopefully you get my point. There’s a tremendous amount of luck involved!

Who could have ever forecasted that the most useless part of a chicken would rise to this level of popularity?

Because we wrap every decision with so much emotional bacon, we have no idea what life truly tastes like. I find it hard to believe the preference for wings over other cuts of chicken is anything other than luck. I do love me some wings though.




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