The subject of “Understanding One’s Self” is as prevalent as ever before. At no time in my half a century of hanging out has there been a greater emphasis on self improvement than today. Conversely, the emphasis on acceptance of any and all diversity is pretty much equally a big thing today . Both of these observations have led me to write about my own personal context, with a little bullshit mixed in as well.

“…how messed up would it be, if everyone was just like me?”

I appreciate the personal growth thing going on here. I too make an effort to promote growth in my own reality. Looking for ways to improve yourself can be a life long endeavor, if you make that choice to accept such. Getting over the idea of being in control is a monumental challenge. Developed Western Society has this “outcome focus” mentality in how we few our lives, forgetting to assume control of the single facet lying within our influence, our attitude and behavior.

“…shouldn’t life be measured by involvement, not results”

There’s a fine line between blindly accepting our parents dogmatic perspective and carving out a new vision, without neglecting the benefit of heritage. What is the switching mechanism between satisfaction and gratitude and purpose? I believe far too many in western cultures are unwilling to drill down beneath their superficial surface and define these measures within themselves. Opting instead to seek out just the pleasures of life, ignoring the adversity that every single human that ever has existed has been forced to come to terms with at some point, either by choice or by force.

“Stop chasing happiness…enjoy the opportunity every moment offers to truly be alive”


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