Yes, it’s a three word title, so you have to know I’m leaning into this one. Tomorrow is a big cooking day as I prepare for a luncheon I’m doing next week. It allows me to show my appreciation for a group of clients by doing something I love. The menu is simple:

Smoked Pork Loin

Fried Potato Salad 

Baked Beans

Yep, you read that correctly, “Fried Potato Salad” is making your conventional potato salad using fried spuds instead of boiled. The dressing part of the salad is the other defining feature, as that part varies widely from recipe to recipe. My wife adds horseradish and cumin to this version. I write this before we get neck deep into the process, but there will be more in depth photo’s and descriptive notations along the way.

“Smoked Beans…are you fucking kidding me😳”

Starting with 4lbs of dried pinto’s and 2lbs of black beans, I decided to go the extra mile in cooking the beans behind the “BakedBeans” on the Acorn. Trimmed some fat off the pork loin, rendered it down in a skillet, then added that love along with bay leaves and salt, and some brown coconut sugar. 

The Acorn is the cheap Walmart version of the Green Egg, yet works equally as well. I’ve got a buddy with the Egg, so it’s a knowledgeable comparison. Grill, smoke, bake this is a handy gadget for the outdoor cooking scene😉

“Anti-inflammatory anyone…?”

Poblano peppers, fresh ginger, garlic, olives, and some nice olive oil make this tapenade a great addition to every meal…

“Pork loins sprinkled with magic dust…”

The luncheon is Thursday, so I’m breaking this adventure into two parts. The finale comes the night before it’s served. Hopefully those who find this can follow up to see how everything turns out😍


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