“Behind the scenes of the cooking…”

We went to dinner Friday with some friends we’ve known for 10 years or so. We’ve been to each other’s family events like big birthdays and children’s wedding/graduation celebrations. On the way home after this, we couldn’t stop talking about how awkward that felt. He kept making comments about her, that made everyone a bit uncomfortable. Maybe it was an off night for them, but it seemed weird to have to sit through it…🙄

“Sous chef and bartender…”

Mark Manson calls out our entire western gladhanding culture for not being brutally honest with each other. Says we’re doing no favors passing along lies with smiles, just to not rock the boat or seem concerned. He’s right in a way, had  I just said out loud what I was feeling, that dinner would have ended much sooner. Our friends would have left insulted, and I wouldn’t be writing this garbage around some behind the scenes fucking photo’s. 

“Why is chicken salad so damn tasty…😊”

Well, stuck watching a shitty basketball game because if Tar Heels win, I finish in the $$$

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