We’re getting new neighbors across the street thanks to a chain of events started by our former neighbors living beside us. They originally bought the house having a couple of high school age daughters, then after their growing out of the parents home, these folks realized this 3,000 square feet house was too much. The people, who bought this place from them rubbed the other neighbor across from us the wrong way, instigating her desire to move, which put the vacant lot adjacent to her and across the street from us up for sale. I’m neither here nor there disjointed by any of this, but understanding that this is how life works. A myriad of possibilities guided by a few decisions evolving from a host of choices…

“The coup de gras…”

There’s something about smoked meat that speaks to those of us from the southern states. Don’t get me wrong, there are rednecks everywhere. The story of how this delicious cultural heritage arrived to the present brings depth to the process as well as the product. Depending on which aspect you want to address, it’s a testament to dealing with adversity in order to survive. European settlers brought the preservation techniques of smoking from their various origins, then incorporated them in North America to the lifestyle for which they had to adapt to. Acadian migrants seeking refuge from hostile British oppression in Canada, navigated their way down to what is now New Orleans, where they were openly welcomed by the confluences of Spanish, French, Native, and Creole culture. The term “Barbecue” is believed to be a derivative of the French Acadian “Barbe a queue” meaning “head to tail” that describes the method of slow roasting meat over hot coals as the West Indiansdid  for hundreds of previous generations. North America slaves adopted this method applying it to the scrap cuts of pork offered to them by their plantation owners. Ribs were the modern creation born of this evolution. 



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