“Obligatory Food Scene…

…side dish of twice baked potato, grilled carrots & okra paired with 32 oz. Tommahawk Ribeye, finished off by a fresh made chocolate glazed doughnut👀”

The story behind this post is a more philosophical analysis of the fucked up shit taking place around this planet and some solutions to curbing its further proliferation.

Let’s start with this Muslim Bullshit! Islamic religion is fine, but all this fucking chaos over ideology isn’t. Fracturing humans by differences of opinions, culture, and social construct is an idiotic power struggle. Other cultures sit in their pearly white/brown/yellow towers looking down their noses, condemning the entire tragedy, and only engaging when the precious crude oil is at risk of being withheld. Otherwise, NO ONE gives a fuck. These people are worthy of all the humanitarian considerations of any other people, they simply need better organization and support from all these other cultures peering down their noses?

Christians are only marginally better in their participation of this shit show. A large part of why humanity has drifted to this fucked up delusional state is rooted in the propagation of their ideology. Again, the religious faith isn’t the problem, it’s the extortion for power that is. Pope’s, the supreme human leaders of the entire following mandated the massacre of Muslims in the name of God in exchange for eternal salvation.

“The Crusades…”

The Roman Catholic Church used a fictitious forged document against those empires unwilling to contribute.

“The Constantine Doctrine…”

The Spanish Inquisition set back women’s rights nearly a thousand years. Henry VII turned the entire Catholic regime on it’s ear by busting out the Church of England to get his way, and diminish his financial load. Martin Luther took this even further, aided by the invention of fellow German Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press. This movement caused Christianity to conform rather than reform. That came several hundred years later, after countless humans died in this settlement of reality. This lead to the fleeing of European religious oppression to ultimately form what became the United States of America. Today, social judgment is derived from the morality established hundreds of years ago by this power gone awry.

“Tacos, Sopa’s, and Burrito…

…Oh my😳”

Nation states (Religion transformed into countries) took over after enough of the people living in the European expansion tired of listening to the church for guidance. That went to shit around the end of the 19th century, as the empires of old fought over what was left of the power vacated by the new world’s defiance. In 1884, these cock suckers (along with representation of the United States) gathered in Berlin to address the African continent’s division of natural resources. The Industrial Revolution was in full swing, and the U.S. was past it’s civil war, so how were these pompous bastards going to feed this economic eruption with the vital feedstock of raw materials necessary for success. They literally pulled out a map of Africa, and drew their boundaries in pencil, assigning colonization to millions of indigenous people, living there for hundreds of thousands of years. The reason they weren’t recognized was because they weren’t fucking Christians!



Look, humans are by nature kind, inquisitive, nurturing creatures. Everything I’ve mentioned above represents what goes wrong, when humans blindly follow along without questioning the validity of the shit they’re being fed. Preying on the anxiety and fear of being left out of immortality, and calling it faith is more like insanity. Believing in something bigger than the life you can identify, that promotes being a more compassionate version of humanity is reliant upon each individual to carry forward without being fucking brainwashed. No one needs to belong to something that causes others to suffer.



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