Is the social media world picking on this multibillion dollar organization, or are they truly treating their “customers”/passengers with an attitude akin to that of doing them a favor by delivering the services agreed upon by purchasing a ticket?

“my personal experience on a roundtrip flight to Hong Kong from San Francisco in February suggests they have some liability to accept here…”

I’m a grown man with grown man expectations as well as accepting the reality of any situation. Getting my feelings hurt and personalizing circumstances and situations just isn’t me. I have far too much to accomplish in this life to waste a second obsessing on being singled out and getting my feelings hurt by a stranger, or better yet a multibillion dollar corporation.

“People don’t care how much you know…until, they know how much you care”

EVERY organization in the business of dealing with individuals from the general public realize this simple premise. Customers provide the revenue that greases the corporate wheels, so that everyone within the company has an income. The lines aren’t blurred about how this system works, and no one has to be taken advantage of to keep the harmonious relationship in tact. 

“The customer is always right!”

Flight UA 869 was promoted as having onboard entertainment via their wifi system which allows passengers to download the UA app and simply select from the menu of items to view. We were told over the PA system they were having some issues that should be resolved shortly into the flight. The pilot came on again after a few hours into this 15 hour flight stating they were resetting the system and he hoped that would resolve the issue. After hour 10, he announced there wasn’t a satellite connection because of the route, and apologized for the inconvenience. They knew all along this wasn’t going to be available, and simply pushed telling the customers the truth. I’ve flown over 70,000 miles with them in recent years, and this is not the UA I was familiar with?

“Cast your vote with your $”

If enough people take a stand with this, they will change. All the major U.S. carriers have their issues. A friend of mine flies for one, and his comments were;

“It’s tough going to work each day, just to disappoint your customers”

As more and more people around the world attain middle class socioeconomic status, the competition for their $ increases. Do yo think the value of an airline will be measured by simply arriving at point B from point A?


2 thoughts on ““United/Airlines”

  1. the United Airlines debacle has made news here in SA too.
    The customer is right, when the customer is right. When the customer is rude and awful, sorry, but he needs to be called out.
    In this case, the customer was absolutely right. United, as many big service providers, need to change their ways.

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    1. The whole 911 tragedy has given the airlines here the license to be this way. Granted…there are people who create issues for themselves, and require a firm stance, but the vast majority simply want to enjoy the experience 😳

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