“Human/  /Kind”

Measuring one’s self against others is what we humans do, at least up to a point. The end of your adolescence, or the end of your life are the ultimate stopping points. Ones by choice, the other is forced upon you for choosing not to make said choice. The freedoms from not giving a fuck about how you stack up, or fit into a specific space is exhilarating at the very least. It’s worth a try, no matter how much of a control freak you actually are, because it removes that implied counterweight we subjectively place upon ourselves at birth. You all know the emotional tension that exists, that we choose not to discuss. As if, a single generation can push apart accepted norms between established lineages, but that’s exactly how change come about.

“Drinks & Burger…”

“Odd Angles & Sunset…”

“Sweet Potato Roses…”


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