The thoughts and emotions swirling within a single human existence, while contained to preserve the idea of self, yet powerful enough to spark the adaptation to written language. The narrative guiding this adventure called life is a powerful force to each of us, drawing the imagination to suppose all sorts of possibilities, yet focused enough to lead us beyond the now to old age. Technology allows the able to herd these notions bordering the fringes of reality to form a whimsical statement of what if’s. The written word has been simplified to a series of light touches from the soft tips of fingers, that once upon a time, ached from the daily work necessary to sustain a life. Modern times have transformed toiling in the fields to provide sufficient nutrition, to toiling with emotions welling up from the abundance of idle time for the hands. Life has improved dramatically for the entirety of the species, but has piled atop the individual as a result. Anxiety over what could be, and should be in an ideal world replaces ignorance to the unknown, for that’s what existed outside the awareness we could piece together. Everyone with a microwave transmission can eavesdrop in on humanity, and a select few can actually derive benefit from all that emotional capacity. The majority crater to the enormous level of responsibility it implies upon the individual. Being a small part of something appearing as something much more Grand in scope, is much less intimidating than being the sole source af accountability. 

“Adult Easter Egg Hunt…”

It’s taken us hundreds of thousands of years to arrive at this state we see ourselves as today. The rate of change has accelerated so much over the past two decades, that it gives the impression that almost nothing transpired over those thousands of years. This rocket like ascention to fully enabled modernity has unfortunately left a spacial void though, causing billions of members of one of the most prolific social creatures to wonder how they as individuals fit into this grand existence. It’s written about here on a daily basis, and the idea of overcoming this dilemma gets thrashed around like a Portuguese explorer referencing their treasured map, yet the solution lies within the precise framework giving its root cause. This notion of self must be overcome by something closer to the reality at hand. Consciousness is more like a river than a glass of water. It flows, expanding and contracting along the course of time. It’s this time, and how we spend it that brings value to the complexity of life, not how big our glass is…

“Look out your window…move the window across the entire world, before you settle on a view whose only attribute is convenience”

The single most confusing aspect of life, consciousness, fulfillment, and joy is the reality of accepting its on us as individuals to get all that right for ourselves. We’ve been writing down our thoughts and feelings for thousands of years, and the best guidance we can offer is not even close to relevant. Maybe, taking it upon ourselves can be transformed into an ideology of sorts, only absent the agenda for taking advantage of those lacking awareness, as well as the mean spirited diatribe of us vs. them. Our ancient ancestors were filled with purpose driven adventure, thus whenever they encountered others outside their familiar groups, they embraced them, not enslave them. Homo Sapiens are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for, it does require an adjustment of perspective though. The lens of modernity has clouded the picture for those seeking to compare themselves with those around them. Realizing the greatness of the journey in its entirety brings us closer to regaining the adventure, and discounting this concept of self, isolated from the meaning of feeling whole…


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