“Love\ /Love”

All you need is love, love…

…love is all you need”

Liberalism, Humanism, and Capitalism have transformed the way we exist. Don’t get all excited there Conservatism isn’t quite dead just yet. The migration towards the individual has transpired over the last few hundreds of years. Not the same as the social media booster rocket of the past decade, so what we transform into remains somewhat questionable. The fact is very few of the people living today have the emotional wherewithal to peer into this tsunami of change without becoming gripped by the fear of being left out. Nothing worse than an anxious society of irrelevant peoples! 

“Free Will : Self”

It’s difficult to imagine a contradictory understanding to these very prominent modern concepts of the human condition. It’s as though they’ve always been a part of the human experience. See, there in lies one of the many misconceptions people of any time frame have when viewing our past, and future self’s. We apply the perspective of what we realize now as the standard to measure with. Example, Game of Thrones is set in some medieval time frame, yet all the characters have very British accents. Authenticity is only relevant whenever it’s convenient? Self suggests this autonomous consciousness derived from the Free Will to choose from, and decide upon how we want our lives to be played out. That can only be partly possible given we don’t get to choose most of the circumstances surrounding this life we live. Our date of birth falls outside of our decision making capabilities, as well as whether we are “X/X or X/Y” from conception. The color of our skin, the language of our parents, the texture of our hair, and on and on are created completely outside of this thing we call Free Will. This turns the notion of Self into a navigational system for the timeframe our lives cover, henceforth implying that life is fluid,  in motion so to speak. This idea aligns with the physical properties of the universe, by suggesting an ever expanding situation, where time is the measuring stick. 

I personally don’t believe we humans have even scratched the surface of understanding our potential for understanding. What that means is simply there are fields of mental states yet to be realized, let alone understood. The book “Super Brain” suggests the neurological connections possible in the human brain is somewhere approaching 1 with a million 0’s behind it. The known universe today only accounts for 1 with 79 0’s behind it. That comes up to 12,658 times more possible known attributes to what we can understand, vs. what we do. That’s .8% of 100%, meaning we don’t really know shit about this universe, yet we claim to know everything about creation? 



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