Who do you think will deliver more benefits to mankind over the next decade, (North Korea, China, Russia) or (Apple, Google, Microsoft)?

Everyone reading this, or even with the capacity to possibly find this, does so thanks to the freedoms supplied by the liberties offered from “Free Market Capitalism”.

Not a single religious ideology has created any form of innovation over the past 500 years…

Reading from books allegedly written thousands of years ago isn’t progress. Everyone seems to take full advantage of the progress available, even when they don’t participate in its development? If you have a friend or relative that always seems to take advantage of events, but does nothing to help provide for them, we often use the word Bum to describe them😉

“What are you doing to make the world a better place?”

I ask myself this question each and every day. I’m afraid if I don’t, my complacency will push me to irrelevance. I’ve always told my children the easiest thing to be is mediocre. All it requires is waking up…

“My fear is not being alone, but rather being irrelevant.”

I suppose every human present and past has wondered about the meaning of their life to some extent. The human ego promotes the self, empathy promotes the we, and human connectivity promotes the us. Accepting the fact you can only account for a single tiny reality is a daunting proposition. Too much of any aspect leads to out of balance in the things holding this reality together. Finding the wherewithal to accept others just like we do ourselves, yet expecting the same of ourselves as we do from the world around us😔

“It’s the semiannual wine tasting this weekend😍”



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