My daughter just sent me this link Globe of Economic Complexity  showing the economic production for the entire planet. The reference here is exported products, which doesn’t tell the entire story, but is worthy of deeper examination.

“What separates the bright spots from the dim, and even dark areas of this Atlas?”

Population density accounts for a portion of the disparity, but not a significant amount. Natural resources adds to some, while others starve from economic prosperity due to insufficient raw materials. The real story here in this snapshot of global commerce is once again, ideology and education. The one thing humans have done from the very moment we wondered off the African plains to propagate the entire planet, is trade goods, and idea’s. Ten’s of thousands of years before there were kings, rulers, empires, or nations, homo sapiens shared their discoveries and idea’s with the other groups of fellow homo sapiens they encountered. The capacity to connect is more available than ever before, yet the actual connections of peoples living everywhere is extremely limited. Let’s examine what factors prevent or block this from occurring, leaving vast area’s of humanity isolated from the stream of human connection.

“The industrial revolution was forged from energy and raw materials, while the technological revolution is spun out of connection and knowledge…”

The western cultures used this to separate themselves from the rest of humanity. Once it was realized that allowing people to imagine beyond the dogma of the prevailing religious ideology, and to begin to imagine what could be, if we allow these thoughts to be. Monotheism squashed the wave of technological development established by all the pagan empires preceding their existence. Egypt under it’s Pharos developed elaborate systems of language and mathematics to express and advance their social platform. The same for the Roman’s and their vast empire, as they developed technology to support the needs and advances of their society. These cultures failed in part because of the absence of human rights, and the idea of some measure of humanist equality. Filling the voids left after the fall of these empirical states, monotheism suppressed inquisitive thinking, seeing it as threatening.

“Parents today wouldn’t consider not educating their children…”

Today your country of origin greatly determines your starting point along with its advantage/disadvantage circumstances. The access to early childhood development is essential to establishing your place as an independent adult. If someone spends sufficient time in your early learning years, building the foundation for your ability to absorb knowledge, you are spending today in the light somewhere on that atlas. The greater the freedoms surrounding your formidable years, the more light you emit. 


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