“.2 short of 100 miles…”

Humans evolved to sweat. It’s the physiological system separating us from other mammals, and allowing our species to be physically active for long periods of time. Combine that with fire to cook down massive amounts of forage into highly concentrated portions of calories. There’s a thinly defined balance here, that for millennium’s was kept in check by the ability to forage, and the physical activity required to execute the foraging. Fast forward to the advent of pillow soft furniture and refrigerators. That precisely balanced symbiotic existence of nourishment and activity has been stretched out of proportion. In 2017 more humans will die from complications from obesity than malnutrition. The technical problem of providing affordable nutrition to 7.5 billion humans has been solved. The only hunger issues are linked to distribution of the nutrients, not the production. 

“Save Money, Live Better…”

Calorie maximization for dollars spent has taken the place of “I hope we have enough to eat today…”

Contrast this emotional/economic deliberation to the unrealistic body image environment created by mass advertising. 

“Young women around the world are taught to believe this is what they should aspire to look like…”

The emotional forces at work here are enormous, when dissected. For centuries now, the idea of sweat is inherently linked to hard work. The mind sees this pain affiliated with sweat as punishment. Avoidance is the natural response to pain, so eating ice cream on the sofa, while watching other people sweat replaces actual participation. Despair is the next progression to this path, and before you know it, you’re clothes have elastic waste bands😳 

“One solution is searching for a miracle resolution…”

Starvation always works to reduce the mass of the human body, but the emotional consequences are profound. What a life to live huh? Expand, contact, expand, contract is the melody to this song. The alternative would be eating the volume of food that matches your body structure and lifestyle. The more you sweat, the more calories you can consume. But, what happens when you don’t sweat? You swell up😳 

“Find the balance that suits your personality…stop wishing you were someone else!”

Stop ignoring and obsessing!!!

You can’t ignore the importance of a healthy life, if you want to feel good about yourself. Close down your fucking Facebook page, and start reading about how your body works. Educate yourself to the facts about a healthy body, then find the intestinal fortitude to not obsess about the differences you see in the mirror, and what you see in advertising. Be alright with being you. Every human body is uniquely different in how it appears and functions. Knowing yourself physically, and working to be the best within that framework is the ultimate goal. This is a life long undertaking, and only becomes a lifestyle when you accept the trade off away from pain and punishment.  It’s life’s adversity that sharpens us to become our very best self…

All images were taken from the internet and do not represent any endorsement or condemnation. Your life and your health are your responsibility. It’s not about what you can or can’t do, but rather what you’re willing to do. Your mind interprets all pain in the same way, so transforming the discomfort from physical exertion into pleasure is your challenge. The alternative is cyclical self induced starvation. 


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