It’s raining like crazy today, so you are stuck with my ramblings until we head out to volunteer at the music festival later this evening

Do you ever wonder if all the shit you worry about is worth the effort?

I watched the news this morning, and once again it just goes to show the fucked up emotional state our culture exists within. The media leads it’s various followers around by their proverbial noses, feeding the masses a succulent dish of Bullshit! By framing the focus of any content, you lead the audience directly to the point you hope to make. This is a very powerful influencer to the perspectives of the masses clambering to feed their anxiety about what the hell is going on out there outside.

“Shining through the darkness…”

Tonight was the “Power of Music Festival”! The weather was challenging, but the music was good.  50+ songwriters, 8 stages, 80+ shows supporting benefiting “I’ll Fly Away Foundation” bringing music to the lives of 3rd & 5th graders.

“Working in the community to bring beneficial change…”

Roger Thomas with Carl Jackson…(Graham Weber in the shadows)

Jess Peer


Candy Lee

I love live music of all kinds. This venue was right down my alley…acoustical roundtable! Amazing songwriters from all over sitting around and playing their stuff with each other. Reminds me of my youth, as I hung out with some incredibly talented musicians. Most gatherings revolved around very similar circumstances, in that we would get together and party as they played and sang from a place within them, yearning to be expressed in song. Music is an expression of the heart, touching every human life in some form or fashion. Now we’re home watching the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on HBO. A place to get away from all that Bullshit

“Legends enshrined by oil and canvas…”

“Where magic is made…”



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