“Fresh bacon, eggs, homemade biscuits, red eyed gravy…”

There’s something special about the aroma from this particular meal, set in my childhood. Granny Bug (my mom’s mother) would get up most days and cook Papa Pat’s (my mom’s father) breakfast for him. It was generally before the sun came up, and their entire house awoke to this magnificent smell. My younger sister and I spent a lot of time with them as small children. The memories of that sensation are a part of who I am…

“Fresh bread, good merlot, farm raised beef…”

I followed in the footsteps of my heritage by raising my own beef. That breakfast Papa Pat enjoyed every day was part of a life on a farm. The only life he knew outside of the nearly three decades he spent serving his country in the Navy. His generation knew the skills to provide the nourishment their families needed to prosper. He had seen the world and its people, and realized within very specific terms, what his life was meant to be. Providing for his family, so they would never know his struggles as a child…

“Arguably…the most enlightened culinary experience of my life”

Everyone who’s ever taken a single drop of pride from preparing a meal should have some level of understanding for this experience I’ve undertaken here. Supplying the effort necessary to provide the food you consume is an uplifting sensation. It ties the primal roots of all of human ancestory to a single moment of what is the present. Every version of what our species has become lies within this connection. My writing this piece, and your reading it is ultimately a result of the ability to take the raw materials provided by the earth, and concentrate them by utilizing controlled fire to cook what we casually refer to as a meal. The cognitive revolution from start to finish…

“Life takes on purpose…when, you provide it some direction”

Human connection and helping others. The single biggest motivators in the human experience. All too often we focus exclusively on ourselves, rather than seeing the self as part of a bigger picture. It’s the only perspective we’re given, so it comes very natural. It feels like being all alone at times, yet there are moments of clarity hidden in this chaotic life we lead. I think we search too hard to find the reason, when we should be comforted by knowing it’s by just being, that makes all come in so clear…





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