“What’s On/ /Your Heart”

“Some thoughts are better left unsaid…no feelings can ever go unfelt”

We finished the Netflix original “13 Reasons Why” leaving me with some profound thoughts and feelings. Ironically, this came on the heels of an even better documentary on Frontline called “Second Chance Kid’s” concerning the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on sentences of life without parole to juvenile offenders.  Both productions address the adolescent brain development, and the differences between that phase and how it differs from fully developed adulthood. Society, through our elected/appointed government reorientation often aligns with lumping the two distinct phases of development into a larger category. Neuroscience and Psychology research have given us a much clearer insight into the actual differences between all phases of mental and emotional development. 

“Love isn’t something strategically placed with the precision of an artists brushstroke on the canvas of a masterpiece…but rather, love is sloshed around messily leaving the handprints of the lives it touches”

In hindsight, I realize what values are important to accepting the infinite variables life throws at us. Knowing how to love yourself and share that love with others is at the top of my list. No amount of success or abundance can replace what that means to the human condition. Having financial success and tons of lavish stuff means little, if your heart calls to an empty life. The hollow echoes resound the loneliness hidden beneath the piles of material conquest heaped upon a life without connection. Love is that important…

“No one gets out alive…”

A human lifetime is an incredibly short span of time itself. All too often we treat the moments of our lives with disregard for this understanding. We need to provide a better understanding of all this for our children, instead of in the name of protection, withholding these experiences until they stumble upon them alone, and break under the pressures of deciding without our wisdom of experience. 

“Everyone is alone within their individual reality…but, no one is alone in this experience we call life”

The title for this post came from the the show on teen suicide. Mr. Porter, the school counselor asked Hannah Baker, the teen ultimately committing suicide this question, when she came by his office to talk on the day of her ill fated death. I was truck by these words, because he greeted every other encounter with the other characters on the show with a different greeting. “What’s on your mind” was how he addressed the other students. I realize these words were scripted by some writer hoping to emphasize a point, but to me it suggested a different approach to people in my life. If you’re close enough to my heart for me to love, shouldn’t we share what’s in our hearts? Sharing thoughts is a superficial measurement of everything else, but your heart. Let’s give it a try and see what happens❤️


5 thoughts on ““What’s On/ /Your Heart”

      1. Because sometimes the people we thought we could trust end up betraying us…experiences like that make us wary to open up…😕


      2. I get that…that’s probably a valid reason for many others. My point is driven by the idea of seeking more from the connections we have, so we can get closer to other people’s hearts. We shouldn’t be reluctant or afraid to engage this way?

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