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I’m constantly amazed at the viewpoint people support as their idea of how the world is at any particular moment in time. How they piece together a story from their time not being spent working, sleeping, eating, and socializing. Perspective is simply the rationale for what’s perceived through the lens of awareness. How aware you are depends on the amount of content you consume and the value of the content itself. Only then, can you produce a story that supports this thing we call perspective. 

Beneficial change

I stop to wonder how many people I know, who spend their spare time reading things like this to formulate their personal story of understanding? The topic of Healthcare came up a couple of different times yesterday, and the focus from the participants varied widely by perspective. Yet, none of these reasonably intelligent individuals knew the story behind Healthcare insurance, and government involvement in applying it to the citizens of this country. Their perceptions were derived through the lens of their individual experiences, without regard to how that ranked to the overall situation. 


Here’s a piece written by a reputable news source about one particular aspect of this Healthcare dilemma, yet this article fails to give any depth of details regarding how this situation came about in the first place. How can anyone possibly use this information within the context of what I described in the first paragraph, and feel as though they have an accurate assessment of the big picture? 

New York Times

Another source, another perspective, more confusion about the underlying issues, stirring the proverbial pot! What does an individual do with all of this cascade of information? Most, I would suggest pull up their particular life experiences, and pack it on to the story they know by heart…their own. By identifying this fragmentation of individual understanding, the parties involved with the causes and solutions can maintain their program of avoidance away from a beneficial resolution. 

Trending headlines 

Unfortunately, following the news doesn’t mold perspective, it jades your opinion toward whatever emotional state you’re already in. The citizens aren’t organized for or against this particular situation in any real and effective manner, because their perspectives are so widely varied, compromise would be like getting a hundred people to decide on a single dessert after a meal. 

Why does perspective matter?

Band aids are being substituted for solutions each and every day, and the majority of the people affected don’t even realize there are attractive alternatives available. This entire picture changes, only when the individuals build a bottom up understanding, rather than a top down option…
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