“Our senses adapted to a world of constant flux…”

Evolution is a slow tedious process, utilizing thousands of generations to produce a relatively small amount of change. Any single one of these thousands of transformational generations can greatly influence all future generations to come, yet won’t ever realize their part in the process. We humans remain diligent in our pursuit to gobble up all that life has to offer, while blanketed by the fears of the uncertainty of our purpose. What if that purpose is merely to perpetuate change beyond our simple understanding?

“Civilizations rise and fall based upon their relevance to supporting growth…”

Individual growth is lumpy across our species giving way to the paradox of inequality. We are all born with tremendous capacity to grow, yet the environment of our childhood dictates whether we ascend to meet that potential or not. Parents that can’t read, don’t read to children capable of benefiting from such interaction. A child read to in their first years of life, possesses the use of 10,000 more words in their vocabulary, than children not read to…

“One man’s paradise…

…is another man’s garden”



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