“with/ /in”

There’s still a mystery lying within the human experience about what it’s supposed to feel like to be normal. We humans are constantly comparing our thoughts, feelings, and experiences to something. As though every aspect of our being needs a reference in order to attain validation. Classic example to this line of thinking are the 7,738 photos within the “all photos” album on my iPhone. Periodically I peruse them searching for something to use in a post here on WordPress, and even more infrequently I attempt to find certain ones to show people as a display to a story I’m sharing, but more often than not, they simply reside on the cloud in obscurity. This phenomenon isn’t unique to my existence, given the billions of smartphones out there, but it does represent something specific to this human condition. Decisions about anything emotional within our lives are wrapped in an extra layer of importance, even after the occurrence has past, or even before it’s happened.

If a tree falls and no one hears it…if, a moment happens and no one feels it”

We all face the same dilemma, when it comes to time and its value. Whenever there appears to be an abundance we disregard the need to cherish its presence, while given a finite amount to consider, only then do we regret every second that’s wasted. Sound familiar? This is all a byproduct of living in a constant emotional state of being, succumbing to urges rather than rationalizing through a decision, reminiscing about past emotional states while watching the present drift by, or getting distracted by a future that’s not as certain to feel like we want it to.


“The Sky is Crying…can you see the tears roll down the street.”

You just have to get what lives within you, out to those who touch us and deserve our best. Love is such a powerful emotion, when it’s expressed and shared within a human connection. Attempting to suppress or ignore all that love is to the human experience is the most counterproductive conscious effort a person can engage in. Even failed love is more beneficial than ignored love. Heartbreak beats emptiness hands down.

“Tacos, tacos, tacos…”



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