Evidence of slavery predates written records, and has existed in many cultures. Slavery is rare among hunter-gatherer populations because it requires economic surpluses and a high population density to be viable. This, although it has existed among unusually resource-rich hunter gatherers, such as the American Indian peoples of the salmon-rich rivers of the Pacific Northwest Coast, slavery became widespread only with the invention of agriculture during the Neolithic Revolution about 11,000 years ago.

Humans struggle with our social order, and obviously have from the very beginnings of this aspect of the species. Today is no different, if you look around at the various cultures and races and see how many of the same tactics for social order prevail. Blaming individual components of the species for causality is what we’ve always used as an excuse of sorts, for not fully accepting this human problem still exists thousands of years later. The standard of living for the species has dramatically improved with regards to the development of tools, technology, science, and understanding overall, yet the way in which humans can still live absent of compassion, and even strive to exclude portions of their very own species from attaining the highest level of existence is appalling.

“…with God like powers”

This post was inspired by someone else speaking out against the ridiculous circumstances surrounding their life. ” It’s not ok.” caused me to examine my thoughts and beliefs about myself and how I play into the problem. I’ve seen my personal evolution from a delusional conservative, to a somewhat more liberal moderate, to my current status of Ideology is batshit craziness…” I set forth on a personal journey several years ago to find a better me. When asked about my New Years Resolution, I pondered the idea of why we as humans make these empty promises to ourselves, only to break them, then reconstruct them yet again at the beginning of another calendar year. Repeating this insane process year after year, is by definition Insanity, thus I had to make a decision to break that ridiculous cycle. What I’ve discovered about myself and the rest of our species debunked much of what humanity has held to believe as truths for much of my lifetime. It’s not necessarily the accuracy of the content, but rather the lack of refreshing the relevance of what we know and how we apply it to today. There are countless examples of what I’m identifying, but let’s take a single item and break it down.  The human genome from it’s very discovery up until we were finally able to map its complexity was believed to be fixed by what you inherited from your parents. Your 23 chromosomes bonded at conception provided not only the architecture for how you would develop into another human being, but those traits and characteristics were set for life. This is true about many of features of a human body, such as the hair, skin color, eye color, and potential diseases and conditions one may encounter. What we now know from further research is there are environmental and lifestyle components which affect the epigenetic layer encasing our DNA strands that can have a profound impact on cellular regeneration, and the life we live. This wasn’t fully understood until April 14, 2003 when the final sequencing mapping of the human genome was published.

“Ok…what point does all that prove?”

Millennials were only young teenagers at best, Baby Boomers were mostly engaged in their family and career portions of their lives, and Gen X’ers were sandwiched in between. The two largest factions of the aforementioned demographic were either still in school, or finished with the educational portion of their respective lives. Major findings like the Human Genome are not widely distributed through the educational system or an effective media platform, so the vast majority of the beliefs held to be true prior to this monumental finding were still held in exactly the same place. The world is flat, butter is bad, cigarettes are not addictive…get my point now?

“No wonder ideology reigns supreme…”

While the idea of feeling alone in this universe is scary, the acceptance of this is vital to changing the fucked up dynamics’s of our species. I can relate to what I believe your life is like by comparing to how my life feels to me, but neither of us will ever understand what each others reality actually is. Saying every life matters and proving through shared behavior this is a truth are two completely different concepts. Modern civilization is much more technologically advanced than our hunter gather ancestors, yet the consideration for the value of life in general has nearly vanished. “Advanced” could very easily be transposed for “Fucked Up” when viewed through the lens of love and compassion, human rights, women’s rights, and social injustice…




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