” ¥ /    / ¥ “

“There’s something about the simplicity of things…”

We often describe life in terms of struggle or suffering, mostly because we break down experiences emotionally into pain or pleasure. I see people falling into two similar categories of victims and fighters. This comes from the natural fight or flee response we all revert to when faced with anything causing some sort of pain. The mind doesn’t distinguish between physical and emotional pain, but responds to both in similar fashion. Seeing ones self as a victim reflects this state of flight. Feeling like a victim can be transitory as you muster the courage to fight back, and generally lasts a short period of time. Being the victim is an emotional hole with no ladder to climb out from. 

“The sights and sounds of my life…”

I’ll be 55 next week. My Dad only lived to just short of 58. He transformed good genetics into a life shortened by abuses because he fought against a social structure he didn’t align with, and an emotional past that kept him struggling to overcome. I learned a lot from him about life, and what I didn’t want to be…like him as a father, husband. 

“What moves us to feel alive…”

Today there is a play in my future at the local theatre. Watching people take on the persona of a fictional character as if they were really that person in real life, touches me. The human imagination is a powerful thing, engaging most parts of the brain. No wonder it brings such euphoria while the mind is wondering outside the circumstances surrounding the body…



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