“Just/   /Words”

The world spins us through a life, where we are the sole source of any understanding of its meaning. The sun measures the day, and left uncounted the years flow by like wind upon our skin on a spring day. The connections of people ebb and flow as we wind our way toward our dreams of the future built in our hearts. Gratitude for the fortunate moments places perspective on the infinitesimal possibilities lying outside our control. Those feelings of somehow being left out are just useless comparisons to the distance between the heart and mind. “What if” and “Why not” can only support notions of a future day, if we turn them into action, while “What now” and “Why me” lock us into a victims role, killing the notion of hope. Love transcends all that appears lost and failed. Love of self conveyed to love of others as self, destroys these notions of isolation and despair. All of life’s intimate secrets are encoded in this spirit we call love, for when there’s love of life, life has meaning. A life with meaning is filled with purpose, and that purpose fills the heart, and the heart soothes the mind, and that harmony satisfies our need to understand all the why’s our dreams can imagine…


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