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Celebrating your life with those who help to bring meaning to your life is a very gratifying thing. My wife, kids, mom, sister and close friends gathered with me yesterday to extend a birthday week of such wonderful happiness. We cooked, drank, and genuinely shared the best of each other for hours. My sister and I reminisced about our lives together, and talked about our dad dying at 54. As a child, his validation was all I knew. At 55, that seems like such a shame. Part of the beauty in people is seeing them discover this freedom from external validity. I’ve lived that story, and know first hand it’s liberation. If your present self doesn’t represent improvements of your past self, something has gone wrong. I refer to that as composting, given the opportunity to choose between the two. Striving to unchain the burden of emotional captivity, should be somewhere on every person’s priority list, right? Aspiring to be less than what you were doesn’t appear to me to be any type of goal. My sense of self becomes sharpened, whenever I put myself around the people I care about. They hold me accountable by verifying or dismissing how I see myself. Strangers can only identify us as what we show them, while loved ones add the depth of experience to our lives. My head hurts from all that I drank yesterday, so I must lay this post to rest. Just so you know, if you read enough of my ramblings here, you too can help to mold a better me, as you are part of those who matter in my life😍


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