“Food for thought…”

The holiday weekend winds to an end, and I’m tired from its wonderful fullness. The capacity for life works better for me, whenever the edge of the plate is anxious about something spilling off the rim. Leaving the notion of seeing every detail polished to perfection gives one the space to pile on the layers of continual activity. I guess when I worked at a career equally as full, there needed to be gaps for recouperation, but now that I’m older and less involved with that aspect of life, full is good. 

I do look forward to getting back to work too. It balances my drive to matter in this world, with my inquisitively adventurous nature. Having a purpose is deeply vital to maintaining personal growth. Far too many people seek escape from work to replace that time with useless emotional deliberation about how to spend that exact same time absent of others bullshit expectations. Fulfillment comes from finding a solution to that dilemma, and helping others solve their problems. If you set all that up the right way, it occurs at a pace that doesn’t drive you crazy. Boom, you’re living my life! 

I’ve got an idea for comical satire about the political landscape of today’s state of affairs. I’ve never written a single paragraph of comedy, but next week I’m going to give it a shot. Thanks for stopping by to see my sights, and read my thoughts. 😎
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