“Many/   /Words”

   Trying to organize my life is like attempting to herd fireflies. I have the very best intentions, until I get sidetracked with yet another agenda. I guess I come to this space to flush out some of these peripheral things, in hopes of allowing a bigger picture view to come together. I spend a fair amount of time daily, simply absorbing information. My story of how I see things is a vital component to what I do, both professionally as well as personally. That macro approach to things around me is completely divergent from the micro perspective associated with personal order. Basically, I sit around daydreaming in lieu of keeping busy staying organized. There’s a certain degree of freedom associated with this lifestyle, in that the little details of life seldom create any level of stress for me. I see all that as self adjusting, while I can then focus on more impactful complex concepts taking months to years to fully evolve. You see, while it sometimes feels good to let impulse drive your life, cognitive deliberation gives one the 40,000 feet view. I live an incredibly full and busy life, not just because I engage in so much daydreaming, and scramble to take care of my responsibilities. Quite the opposite, in that I take on as much responsibility as my shoulders can bare. Managing a full life makes me feel alive…


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