“To/  /Day”

Operation Organization is underway 😳

Shedding the stuff collected over a lifetime, and focusing on the necessary things delivering value and meaning. There are so my people out there, who would love to find value in my old stuff, it’s just a shame I’m keeping that from happening. My assistant get her new desk setup this past Thursday, creating a deadline of sorts for me to act upon a plan that was conceived way back in 2015. 

“It started with this table we bought in Essaouira, Morocco

…and a promise from my Grandad”

The giant persimmon tree hovering over the yard at my grandparents house was an object of marvel to me growing up. It dropped fruit all over the grass and driveway. Grandad threatened to cut it down every single year, but never came through on his threats. Dodging the rotten ones, and throwing the green ones was ingrained on the foundation of my youth. It felt like a character in a Harper Lee novel was living there on Main St. Then, one day in my adolescent years, I discovered the monetary value of persimmon wood. It seems that golf club heads, known as “woods”, are crafted out of what else…persimmon trees. I calculated the value of that tree pretty quickly, and approached Grandad with a proposal. He informed me I could have that blasted persimmon tree, whenever it was cut down. Fast forward to 2011, and the grandparents are now gone, the aunt is living in the house, and needs to cut the tree to renovate. 

“This is that persimmon tree now…calling to me to be constructed”

A desk to match that handcrafted Moroccan table is the end game. Clearing a space in my life to transform a childhood memory into a present day piece of posterity. That’s what today was all about…


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