“Word/   /Love”

Nothing better describes life than words. Every thought, feeling, or dream of the future winds up needing words to interpret how it sits with us. Words are the shit for representation of what it’s like to be human. 

Unfortunately, some members of our species struggle with the aforementioned application of language. All those thoughts, feelings, and dreams follow the same path as they’re supposed to, only the outcome is fucked up. 

“…have we moved too far, too fast”

Has the human condition been stretched to its limits, with how much we boil up within an individual, verses how we foster that to flow with the tools we’ve evolved to express such? There used to be a quiet place for the Lennie Small’s of the world to attach along the peripheral of the main stream. Today, the immigrant stands in the shadow of that place marker praying for a chance. 

The human ego has become somewhat carcinogenic to the lives of everyone unable to fight their way across the barriers of a few decades past. Fed by beliefs that condemn any emotional dissents from the beneficiaries of culture. Lies to suppress the majority is what the functionality of all that potential expression has deteriorated to. 

“…tell the people that you touch, how much you love them”

We grow from within, not on the outside! Who out there doesn’t feel love inside their heart? Love is the antithesis for the devastation of an ego gone wild. We wear it on our souls, and cover it up with our worry of being enough. 

What if we stopped trying to distinguish ourselves, or be a part of the trendy herd, but rather we tried to unlock the secret of simplicity and belonging to humanity? The farther ahead of the pack the lead hounds run, the less they care if the others ever catch up. 



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