“Pride/   /Day”

“Joe Kennedy led the way through downtown Boston, as tens of thousands celebrated diversity in the streets. Seemed fitting, considering this is the home of freedom to cast off the chains of conformity…”

“Taking it to the streets…”


“Boston Commons…”

I’m not LBGT, but their seeking of tolerance doesn’t cause me the least bit of anxiousness or anger towards people who just want to find a place in life to flourish and belong. I posted this piece earlier, just after walking through this massive celebration of freedom. I was caught up in the event entirely by accident, but my wife noticed a smile as we were walking along. I explained precisely what I’ve come back to write here, in that this is about the constraints of ideology on the human condition. Many of those sporting rainbow 🌈 whatever were there supporting someone or something other than themselves. Parents, grandparents, friends all stood behind another person’s right to choose a nonconformist, non threatening path for their life. I’m pretty sure we all know someone that seeks this freedom to live a lifestyle that others won’t accept. Acceptance…

#Pride Day


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