“Drifting/      /Times


If you want to see a glimpse of a societies future, peer into the lives of the twenty somethings. The ambitions of the educated segment of this demographic explains so much as to the attitudes abundant within the next generation. This transition is where every previous and subsequent generations make their make on the world. Show them responsible abundance, and they will share their beneficial change with everyone. Show them scarcity, and they revolt with rage against whatever is suppressing their dreams of belonging. 

“Middle aged…”

Middle class is carved out from the youth, who’ve established their presence, and now have something to preserve. They become the meat and potatoes of this social bell curve in a balanced society. Tilted too far to either end, society extenuate the burden on the smaller side, leaving gaps in social structure. Nature used to tend to this, but today it’s a choice. 

“Senior citizens…”

They’ve earned their rights to stubborn resistance to change they perceive as excluding to their existence. Do whatever you want, just don’t take away their expectations for what’s left of their lives. They’ve earned it by damn! Sixty somethings crash every conversation over 10 minutes into Healthcare and/politics because that’s what they view as valuable to the remainder of their lives. Often it’s a life spent doing what they had to do to achieve this status, not something that filled their hearts will gratitude and purpose. This is the turning point for dreams to become overrun by memories, and hope starts to decay. Sadly, there’s nothing pretty about this transition.

“Old age…”

Respect your elders! They’ve earned the right to portray themselves as survivors of a lifetime of whatever it took to reach this pinnacle of experience. The winners of their battles with their dreams over their memories deserve the rewards of our utmost respect. The losers, they deserve our tolerance as they fade away to obscurity and discontent. 


Taken from a developed western cultural perspective, and only represents my observations and opinions. Take a look around and compare what you see…



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