“Con/   /Flict”

Today I come here to write about what’s on my mind. I spend a considerable amount of my life educating myself to what others, who I give the credence of attaining a better, deeper understanding of things of interest to me. Writing a book is always a form of accomplishment, yet the content can  vary from earth shattering research, to total bullshit, and all points in between. The same can be stated about any particular source of information, and thus we should scrutinize what we consider informative, and what is targeted toward our emotional impulses. Creating a process for screening our information as well as our impulses is a necessity for obtaining any measurable clarity from the ultra complex social structure we live in today. Our species has no reference to the size and diversity we know today. All this being said, my observations have brought me to this writing. 

“Why wasn’t there a Great War between Homo Sapian’s and Neanderthal’s…?”

Our ancestors were so inquisitive, they explored every possible land outcrop on the entire planet, without any known outbreaks of conflict. War and conflict came about only after we began to congregate into groups larger than our emotional capacity to connect. We know from research, that perspective matters greatly. Laura Carstensen gave the world tremendous insight into human motivation with her research. This acceptance of the way Homo Saipan’s behavior is shaped should provide insight into how we arrived at today. It should also supply the impetus for the agents of change to influence how we make things better.

“Joint stock limited liability corporation…”

You know my stance on human ideology, if you’ve bothered to read the content I provide in between the photos of food and travel. Capitalism conquers all, right, wrong, or indifferent. 

Empirical Imperialism was breeched by this magical concept of capitalism. The Dutch watched the empires of the day amass giant, expensive military machines to conquer underdeveloped foreign lands and resources. Giant sailing ships allowed these Nation States to pillage the people’s of the world, who didn’t benefit from the Renaissance explosion of human understanding. The Dutch devised a collaborative system that proved to be so much more efficient than the status quo of that era, it still thrives today, while empirical oppression is all but faded away. 

“So…why do we treat abundance with the empirical perspective of scarcity?”

How can the Dick bag dictators of 2017 get away with their grip over human imagination? While the United States political landscape is littered with morally degenerated fucktards, it pales in comparison to those cultures where power is absolute, and offers no mechanism for beneficial change. The common outcry is “It’s better than before…”

“The fucking world was awash with fucking communism…God Damn, that’s not a benchmark!!!”

Dictatorships, Kingdoms, Military Hunta’s, or anything less than full fledge freedom of speech and inquiry is a failure. The right to view others as anything less than equals in terms of human opportunity is absolutely wrong! Monotheism started this path, democracy cracked that misconception, and today we accept globalization freely, yet we fail to expect compassion in return?



4 thoughts on ““Con/   /Flict”

  1. P—I am so glad that you were able to get that off of your chest! I found your rant to be insightful and entertaining (a rare quality) and I concur on the majority of your points. However, the Dutch were some of the most atrocious exploiters of humanity that succeeded in rationalizing their successes by labeling it “capitalism” that I wonder if an ideal system of capitalism truly exists…? I am a conservative capitalist, myself, but it seems that the economic strength of an individual or a country almost always falls upon the backs of those who are less able to assert themselves either physically or financially due to necessity and/or lack of education. Humans are hardwired to be responsive to authority (Milgram, Zimbardo) and despite all the moral convictions to the contrary, they will almost always choose the path of least resistance even if that means their own enslavement to another’s will or whim. As far as the war between the Trogs and the Sapes, I think they were so riddled with diseases and illness that there were hardly enough of them to barely survive! Had they been in better health, they would have formed larger groups which would have naturally resulted in competition for resources, the labor pains of war.

    Whatcha think? XO DWD

    P.S. This is the result of waking up too early and consuming a lot of caffeine! And, by-the-way, I enjoyed your creative use of language! Hee hee! 😉

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    1. Well ma’am, I do concur with your points too. Those Dutch bastards were no better a brand of (sapes) human than any other, my point there was their divergence toward a disruptive mutation of the social status quo brought every culture who adopted this capitalism forward. Capitalism is only the greatest story to date, because we haven’t found its replacement, due to the lack of capabilities from the vast majority to attain a level of awareness to compete within the existing structure, let alone generate a new one?

      As for Saipan/Neanderthal interaction, the two species mated, producing offspring that could generate more offspring. We are somewhere in the 2% range Neanderthal. All that happened with no signs of war or conflict as far as we’ve been able to determine.

      Your response brings light to my hopes of people engaging my thoughts😍

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