“Open/   /Mind”

What gives us the opportunity to create beneficial change…?

Allowing oneself the capacity to think beyond what you currently see as normal, gives life to the imagination. The creativity of the human imagination delivers mutually beneficial change, both to the individual, as well as the entire species. The human brain explodes with activity whenever we put the imagination to work. fMRI brain scanning gives us the realization about what creativity entails for our disposition. Utilizing this understanding requires a bit of focus from the individual to transform this personal benefit into the mutually occurring aspect of this dynamic.

“Capitalism transforms imagination into reality faster than altruistic intent…”

It feels amazing to do things for others, but that altruism only carries us so far. Creating something within the realm of the imagination gets the spark of incentive by the vision of the possibilities for its monetization opportunities. There are countless grand idea’s, but until there’s a path to profitability, it never gains credibility for traction. I’m not suggesting this is the best social system, it’s simply the most developed and supported.

We all have a personal journey to attend to. How far we are willing to stray from the accepted norms is a individual thing. Compromise is a sticky little bitch, in that it requires giving up your agenda for the sake of another’s. Having an agenda is a bit fucked up, whenever you break all that down. Absent of direct threat of physical, emotional, or financial harm, agenda’s are the guidebook to supporting the human ego. You know, that part of your consciousness that makes you more important than everyone else!


“The vegetables of our labor…”

Where does all my nonsensical ramblings lead us to…? The reality that we haven’t attained a single fucking utopian society, and nirvana is as far away for the average human as the back side of the Goddamned next galaxy, and that if people worked on improving themselves the way they posture for selfies, cancer would be a thing of the past…👀






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