“Father’s/ /Day”

My father has long since passed, and my stepfather died three years ago. I was close to my dad as a child, and whenever he chose to tell me in his drunken stupor he was leaving, I was crushed. It rained upon me at that very moment how dysfunctional my parents were as a couple. I certainly don’t miss that feeling. 

Today I’m a father to a group of young adults, who’s lives have been entwined with mine from my relationships to their mothers. There are seven of them in total, two biological, five stepchildren, with only one I don’t stay in contact with. I would gladly reach out to him, if I had any idea where he was. Even my biological children haven’t crossed paths with him. They’re all a part of me, connected to my heart. 

This is a day for rejoicing for all those men, who’ve engaged in the lives of the children they’re surrounded by. Even if your father was absent from your life, you should strive to be present for your kids. Ladies, don’t allow a shitty version of a man to invalidate the person you are either! There are no shortage of dead beat men, who failed as a positive influence for others, and this just isn’t their day we share. 

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