“Open/ /Heart”

Emotional Intelligence” allows one to feel their way through life, without getting hung up and overemphasizing the significance of one’s feelings. The nudge our emotions supply can, and often times does run our consciousness amuck. The weight of our bodies response to the hormone induced state of mind feels permanent, and lingers for as long as we subconsciously feed this situation. I, like many others, know this from personal experience. My adolescence and young adult years consisted of this euphoria to despair roller coaster ride. Many of the heartaches lingering for years, as I would search within for the victim’s answer, “Why Me”! Shutting down those possibilities as future outcomes as we ferociously defend our vulnerability is the standard practice. Holy shit, I don’t regret overcoming that fucked up strategy, nor do I lament not finding myself sooner. All that past can only carry insight into this very moment, and swimming in a sea of memories in lieu of carving out a new day is tragically sad. Mortality strikes at the most unexpected times. No one wants to view their life in the minuscule finite terms that it reflects. Tomorrow is always more appealing than, “Damn, I better seize this last moment”, but we tend to believe ignoring the absolute of this cycle of life is a better alternative than dealing with the emotional trauma of reality. 


“Forevermore” is my wife’s new favorite word. It implies a sense of infinity, and starts me to consider the possibilities for human consciousness. Depak Chopra suggests the possibility of a “Field of Consciousness” similar to the physical presence of gravity and magnetic fields. Einstein calculated the ebb and flow of the universe in terms of gravitational manipulation of energy. Why couldn’t human consciousness be a part of a similar effect that strings together the universe? What happens to the matter from these electro/chemical activities within the human brain once the body can now longer supply life to the tissues? There’s just so much more about our existence, we’ve yet to come to terms with. God is a common suggestion, but like with capitalism, it’s simply the more widely disseminated by the Emperical conquests of previous generations. Maybe we should all be prepared to download our self’s to a next generation of humanity 👀



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