“Tuesday’s/  /With”

Revisiting this weekly diatribe of my thoughts, that collect over the week at hand. Few notice, or bother to engage, but I’m not here to gain popularity. Free flowing expression of what’s appropriate to share. I have a life and career totally separate from my ramblings on this venue. This allows me to think out loud.

“Does a bear shit in the woods…”

I know we can do so much better than this world we see today. The extremes are publicized as though they’re the norm, while the norm is hidden beneath a vail of obscurity, suggesting normal isn’t a viable option. We border on insanity with this twisted perspective, yet no one wants to challenge the system for fear of retribution. The middle is terrified of the aledged authorities, and the disenfranchised. 

“How the fuck can this be sustainable…?”

Peace comes when the mind is still! If you want to express your control over something, try denying your next thought from appearing. It’s fucking impossible, so if you truly want to find this stillness of the self, try settling into the gap between those thoughts. Enlightenment arrives whenever you give up this bullshit idea of control. You can’t even control your own thoughts, let alone anyone else’s thoughts or behavior 👀!!


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