“Blue/   /Sky”

“My buddy’s neighbors…”

Humans have killed off most of the larger species of birds and mammals from this planet. The so called “Great Conservationist” Teddy Roosevelt went on a giant killing spree in Africa after leaving office. He collected rail cars loaded with hides, bones, horns, tusks, and the likes for a personal collection to show his friends and family. What a stupid piece of shit he truly was, even if he broke up the monopolies and trusts of his day. That single act shows his true colors? 



The world we know drifts toward the changes evolving from social development and progress. The rules establish a basis for what we see, but these standards always lag the innovation imagined by the individuals driving the cutting edge of all this change. 

“Innovation leads to change…this leads to improved standards, which creates more demand for future innovation”

This cycle of progress exists because of the inquisitive nature of our species. Only when we close off this aspect of our nature, do we promote fear and scarcity. This leads to using the lowest common denominator as a measure to govern and control the behaviors of the many. Laws are proposed after something happens, that we hope to contain from becoming an accepted norm. Tragedy and suffering precedes the impulse for democracy to come to the rescue. 

“Rank and file…”



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