“Win/   /Win”

“Gyro, potato salad, cheesecake…”

Whenever you think about Greek cuisine, I’ll bet Branson, MO doesn’t cross your mind. Think again😳! Gyro’s are pretty good everywhere, but the potato salad and cheesecake are arguably as good as you’ll find anywhere. Cumin is the secret for the potatoes, and yogurt is the secret to the cheesecake. 

“Stuffed burgers at a moonshine store…?”

Smith Creek Moonshine is quite the experience! Tasting bar allows samples of 12 varieties of this corn whisky delight…and, afterwards there are burgers stuffed with an array of delicious treats. 

“Deep dish pizza, toasted ravioli, crab rolls, and amazing salad…”

No shortage of good eats on this weekend getaway to the southern Missouri tourist trap. I’m not a fan of the crafty bullshit this place offers, but I can find the bright spots in the fog of all this tourism. 


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