“Straight/   /Up”

As I acquire a deeper understanding of the current understanding of the species we are, the more I indulge in my personal growth narrative. Call it maturity, ripening, growing up, or whatever you find appropriate, try acknowledging its purpose. The alternative appears to be cantankerous bitterness, or outright emotional misery. Not very appealing to a progressive sort like myself. Therefore…growth is the path of choice then.




“There’s something within the imagination…”

“I’m older…and , wiser for the time.”


Theres something apparent about the now, when you accept and acknowledge the past. Somehow, it sets one free. We can’t book the past as more assured than any possible future. Fuck that nonsense…always, take the chance on today. That’s not a sacrifice, but rather an acceptance of the realization of change. It only robs the ignorant, for they deny themselves of the possibility of change, in exchange for a certainty of struggle.


“Mervin, Business, and Debris…”


Theres something to the unknown…



…it draws the soul in like a magnet…tugging the tendons of the spirit toward a calling.





“Differential moments…”


We are lead on the journey of life by the manner in which we absorb it’s happening. This varies widely for people based upon their interpretation of their past experiences. For myself, it’s a story of adding to, without falling back. By that, I mean leaving regret at the doorstep of the moment causing it, but attaining wisdom for not repeating the circumstances. Beating yourself up about what you can’t redo is fucking senseless in my mind. Not learning from your acknowledged mistakes is equally fucked up. Personal growth is about accepting these facets of the self…




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