“Economic/ /Complexity”

The intricacies for the dynamics supporting the global economy are vastly larger than the average humans capacity to extrapolate their individual participation. It’s a complicated fucking array of connections and partnerships. 

“The guidebook for gaining an understanding…”

The inquisitive folks at some of the more progressive institutions of higher learning have assembled a reference for quantitative analysis of the global economy. The Atlas of Economic Complexity brings to light the intertwined relationships found across all cultures, as well as the absence from the global economy. Given the basic nature of our species to connect with others, I would suggest being included is more in line with our social evolutionary path, and being excluded is an outlier of sorts. Isolation limits external problems, as well as progress. Just about all of what we can identify as progress today comes from collaborative exchanges of economic and cultural variations between humans of different backgrounds. Diversity amplifies change. 

“There is no progress without change…”

Not all change equals progress, but absent of any change, nothing moves forward. It’s the underlying story of the universe, how could consciousness possibly deviate from the grand complex it exists within? I read something on WordPress yesterday about the sheer amount of time humans waste on idle contemplating of the anxiety in our minds. Holy shit…we could solve every fucking issue humanity has, if we put that time to better use. 

“Spend time with the babies in your life! The stimulus of their first twelve months of life is vital to the development of the remainder of their entire life”

The biggest challenge we face going forward is rendering a higher quality society. Social evolution hasn’t kept up with the massive increase in human population. While we’ve overcome malnutrition in a broad sense, economic prosperity is not nearly as evenly distributed. Not from oppression, but rather basic skills for obtaining. The children with the broader grasp of the language skill, escalate beyond the capacity of those without the same base understanding. The simple solution comes from giving children in their first three years much more of our collective attention as a society. No one volunteers to go help out in a daycare, babysitting, or preschool to give the children more exposure to the vital stimulus necessary to properly launch them into a prosperous life. Yet, we are more than willing to offer our  time, efforts, and money to help their adult struggles in maintaining their basic responsibility. 

“Stop pandering the commercial news complex with their exploitation through fear and consumption…and, go love on a baby😍”



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