“And/ /Then”

Resonance in the soul, that’s what it feels like to be alive, truly aware. Life echoes through the anxiousness resting on the surface of humanity. The calling, ripping at the hearts of the unsuspecting. What is the dance all about…?

I feel the tug of humanity on my heart, as I watch the majority struggle to comprehend. It’s not a byproduct of being capable, but rather the capacity to leverage any relationship to achieving benefit for one’s circumstances. 
We all live to be connected, it’s a basis for being a human being. 

There are times in life leaving you with a feeling of being broken. The weight of the next decision is more than you can possibly bear. The past stripping you of your ability to believe in a better way. These moments only define us by their scars, not by their definition of our true spirit. 

We all carry the traces of previous days, sprinkles of the times we can’t let go of. Almost as if they somehow shape the image of who we see ourselves to be. Amazed by beauty, inspired by love, consumed in belonging. The comfort of feeling the meaning of your being. Adding…not, just taking.

Peace is calm, sitting on our hearts, taming the questions to answers, bubbling up from our minds restless nature. Flowing with the tide of consciousness through the chaos of life. Order and understanding at a microscopic level.


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