“Beyond/  /Orgasm”

There’s a story within each and every sexual climax. A very intimate tale of arousal, anticipation, desire and fulfillment. The experience captivates the entire sensory system,  where all your awareness is lazer focused on this magical event. The level of intensity overwhelms everything else about your life, and for a few seconds you become bound by a trance like state of being.

“How did you get here…?”

There’s a physical as well as emotional aspect to this phenomenon. Primal, yet romantic so to speak. Love is consecrated here, as desire is being satisfied. Bonding at the highest level, gratification at the most personal. Once tasted, never forgotten, we either crave the desire, or cherish the connection. 

“Desiring to belong…”

Imagine the contents of your life poured into a measuring cup. What ratios would these aspects occupy for you, and what do we substitute for their absence? There’s so much more to a life than sexual gratification, yet consummation of a bond of this magnitude hovers high above nearly all else, making it confusing at times to distinguish the difference. 

“Knowing yourself…”

The highest acknowledgment for the connection of two hearts is that moment of physical and emotional bliss intertwined as we attain this climactic state of nirvana. Forever shifting our perspective for self, and the person we’re involved with. It gives all of our other feelings a purpose, knowing we belong.


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